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Guide on how to put your event tickets on sale

If you have any questions about the creation of your event, we have prepared a short guide where we explain everything point by point.

Also if you still have questions you can contact us by mail, whatsapp o phone 644943000


  • You can create all kinds of events, general tickets, zone tickets, advance tickets, free tickets, with a fixed price, increasing price, with discounts, selling accessories to your event such as drinks, ballots, T-shirts, etc.
  • You will be able to keep track of who brings you attendees and why you see them or channels, basically where your attendees come from and you can even give them a percentage.
  • Each user will receive a ticket / entry for each type of entry they will receive in their email, they can also print it from the web to show it the day of the event.
  • The organizer will have a list with all the tickets sold and the name of the attendee.
  • To validate the entries, it can be done from Android with the native app or from iPhone (explanatory video). With the Android app you can also upload tickets from other providers in the same app to integrate everything into one.

Frequent questions:

By types of events:

Eventos gratuitos
(sin pasarela)


Free app and QR scanner

Email / phone support Mon-Sun

Unlimited events, tickets ...

Free PR tools

Free advice

Eventos de pago
(con pasarela)

Precio según pasarela de pago

Everything from the Free plan, plus:

No fees

No hidden costs

No additional costs

Free withdrawals

Lista de tarifas por países:


  • Plan Profesional: 1% + 0.1€ por operación, incluye uso de Vivetix y gastos por uso de tarjeta. IVA no incluido
  • Plan ticketera: Tu propia ticketera con tu marca. Coste 2%. IVA no incluido
  • Plan anticipado: Retira hasta el 70% de tu saldo antes de la finalización del evento (Previa autorización por departamento de riesgos). Coste 3%. IVA no incluido
  • Por defecto siempre se aplica el plan profesional, para otros planes deberás ponerte en contacto con nosotros


  • Plan Fidelización: 2,5% por el uso de Vivetix + 2,5% por el uso de la pasarela de pagos
  • Plan Único: 4,5% por el uso de Vivetix + 2,5% por el uso de la pasarela de pagos
  • Plan Premium: Ponte en contacto con el equipo de ventas

Fecha en el formato dd-mm-aaaa
Hora en el formato 24h -> HH:mm
Fecha en el formato dd-mm-aaaa
Hora de fin en el formato 24h -> HH:mm

The name of the tickets, for example: General admission, free entry, 2 glasses, gift, etc. As soon as one is sold, the name cannot be changed.
Los asistente pagarán .
Número de tickets para esta opción.
To show or hide tickets. To make it visible only to some people you can hide it and then create a coupon
Tickets are shown to sell at the box office

Esta opción sirve para que puedas poner tu web de venta de entradas y que nosotros podamos mostrarla entre nuestros eventos y así lograr una mayor difusión.

  • Las imagenes no deben pesar mas de 1Mb
  • Formatos permitidos: JPG y PNG
  • Máximo 5 imagenes

This event has no images yet

El nombre del producyo, por ejemplo: Camiseta, Vaso, Pasaje de Bus... En cuanto se venda una no podrá cambiarse el nombre.
Choose the ticket price, being 0 free.
Choose the number of tickets for this option.
The data to make the transfer will be requested when the funds are withdrawn.